5 Ways Balloon Art Can Benefit Your Charleston Restaurant!

Are you a restaurant owner or manager looking to set your establishment apart from the competition? Charleston is an ever-growing market for new businesses and the restaurant industry is booming! If you put love and passion into your food your customers will want to come back for more great experiences. However, getting noticed in such a flooded market can feel daunting.
With so many restaurants to choose from how do you get more patrons in the door?
Here are 5 ways balloon art can benefit your Charleston restaurant!

1. You set yourself apart from the competition

You may have a great pizza or mouthwatering BBQ, but with similar restaurants serving the same fare, it's easy for your establishment to get lost in the white noise.

As such, you may want to offer something special to your patrons that every other restaurant in the area is not going to have. The pool of professional, knowledgeable and insured balloon entertainers in the Charleston area is very exclusive. What sets Red Robyn Balloons apart from our competitors is the 10+ years of experience we have specifically doing professional balloon art in restaurant settings. Let us entertain your guests while you provide the rest!

2. Cutting down on the perceived waiting time

People will wait for good food. But when you have a fun distraction that wait time can feel almost nonexistent. Balloons are very colorful and visual. Balloon art is a perfect way to keep people entertained until a table is ready. It is fascinating for people, and especially children, to watch a few long balloons suddenly become a koala or Spiderman.

Even for those not immediately getting their own creation assembled, it is fun to watch the magic come together.

3. You're giving your customers great memories

The experiences your customers have in your restaurant will sometimes stay with them for a very long time. Families want to go to places where they can create memories and enjoy that precious time they have together. In today’s busy world, this is particularly important to parents who have little ones and know how fast time flies. I have many times had the pleasure of meeting my regular customers extended family because they were excited to bring them to see me when they came in town for a visit!

Thus, your customers are not the only ones making lasting memories. As a business owner, I, too, recognize the importance of nurturing personal bonds relating to long term business connections.

From special occasions to just a night out with the family, people want to have a great experience to remember. And you want them to have that experience in
your restaurant!

Let Red Robyn Balloons assist you with making memories that will last a lifetime!

4. It generates more repeat business

I can't even begin to count how many times parents have told me that they had to come to the restaurant that night because their kids begged them. For many kids getting a balloon creation from me is a weekly treat. And sometimes one they have to earn with good behavior and doing well in school.

Once I've been going to a restaurant regularly for 2-3 months, people will start to remember it's balloon night. And if parents don't remember the kids will certainly remind them.

90% of my restaurant customers are regulars and the other 10% are people who meet me by happenstance or came because their friends told them about me.

5. Ultimately you are making more money

The fundamental goal of any business is to make a healthy profit. Easy enough to say, but hard to get there. You put hundreds or even thousands of hours into your restaurant. Everything from picking your name and location, building a menu, and even what color to paint your walls takes time and consideration. All the millions of tiny details you pour into your very personalized business work together in the end to create a profit.
Hiring a balloon twister is not the most important thing you will do as a restaurant owner or manager, but it is one small thing out of the many that you can do to bring your restaurant to the next level!

Choose Red Robyn Balloons for your yourself, your business and your guests.